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Amateur Astronomer

Mr. Draggoo has been a member of the Spokane Astronomical Society for a number of years and has served on the board and as Vice President of the organization. He has made several presentations at the monthly meetings on various topics. He was involved in AstroCon 99, the 1999 annual meeting of the Astronomical League, held here in Spokane, and developed the printed program materials, the AstroSoftware Lab and the Space Exploration Education display. In addition, he arranged for Bill Nye, the Science Guy, and Louis Friedman, Executive Director of the Planetary Society, to participate in the event.


Telescope and Equipment

"I use an 8 inch Schmidt-Casegrain telescope (SCT) made by Celestron. I've enjoyed learning my way around the night sky while finding various astronomical objects and have spent many hours star gazing. I also enjoy bringing my telescope to public and private star parties and sharing my enthusiasm with those who take in the views. Everyone becomes an excited kid again when they see a close-up of the moon, Jupiter, Saturn or a galaxy with their own eyes!"

He also has a 60mm Tasco refractor, Little Red, that he modified so that it could take larger lenses and had a more sturdy tripod. In addition he changed out the finderscope. He has a variety of eyepieces and color filters for use in both instruments and a solar filter for the SCT.

"I am still amazed that even with this small telescope I can see the Ring nebula, galaxies, planets and other interesting objects."


Field Trip to Mars

Click to Start Field Trip to MarsField Trip to Mars, Mars Features on Earth, is a self-guided excursion Draggoo developed to view various sites located on or near the central plateau of Washington that correlate to features found on Mars.   Included is a section on volcanoes and Mount St Helens. Also included is information on Mars Pathfinder, Mars Exploration Rovers, earthquakes, giant floods, sand dunes, lava flows, dust devils, and geological background material. Click image or here to go to Field Trip to Mars.


Kid's Cosmos

Click to go to Kid's CosmosKid's Cosmos is bringing astronomy to the classroom...He has designed the programs to be a multi-curriculum, hands-on approach to learning for both students and teachers. The Kid's Cosmos website allows students to explore the solar system and planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The sun, stars, constellations, nebulae and basic astronomy information is included as well as space exploration, scientific notation and lots more...Click image or here to go to Kid's Cosmos.



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