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Author, Photographer, Poet

Published Author

Mr. Draggoo was delighted to have an article published by NightSky magazine as well as an article published in a textbook by Amsco School Publications, New York, NY., and a photograph from Field Trip to Mars in Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living magazine. He has also written several articles for The Asterisk, newsletter for the Spokane Astronomical Society.

Click for NightSky Magazine websiteClick for Spokane CdA Magazine website

Unpublished Works

He has several projects on business, science and science fiction and poetry in progress. Throughout his career he has designed and written training manuals on policies, procedures, and industrial safety for the private sector.


Field Trip to Mars

Click to Start Field Trip to MarsField Trip to Mars, Mars Features on Earth, is a self-guided excursion Draggoo developed to view various sites located on or near the central plateau of Washington that correlate to geological features found on Mars. Click image or here to go to Field Trip to Mars.

"It is amazing that so many of these features can be found right here in my backyard. I spent a summer researching and photographing the area for the virtual tour."


Kid's Cosmos

Click to go to Kid's CosmosFor a number of years he has researched, designed and maintained Kid's Cosmos , a website for educators and students. With 300-plus pages, the site allows students to explore the cosmos and their place in it. Click image or here to go to Kid's Cosmos.

"I get queries from children from all over the world via email and I'm developing a children's book based on their common and insightful questions."


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