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Musician, Performer, Songwriter



Mr. Draggoo plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass guitar and plunks on the piano from time to time. In high school he performed on jazz bass and trombone. He has played with several contemporary worship teams in the area and was part of a "Ham on Regal" variety show, an annual fundraising production for Ferris High School in Spokane.

"I enjoy playing my old Martin D-28 acoustic guitar. Guitars do age like fine wine and mine has a mellow yet full-bodied sound. I also have a 30-year-old Gibson RD77 Artist bass guitar. It was one of the first to use electronics to enhance the sound. I practice using a Fender Bassman 25 but I still have my original Peavey 300 watt amp with a dual 15-inch speaker cabinet in case I want to annoy the neighbors. As for keyboards, I play just enough piano to impress my mom."



Mr. Draggoo has a baritone voice that is aged but still vibrant and he likes singing a variety of music. He was offered a musical scholarship at Eastern Washington University after high school.

"I've been known to break out into a song at the drop of a hat...as long as you put a dollar or two in it first."


Performer and Recording Artist

In the early 1970's he and his two older brothers formed a trio called The Eli Victor Show, named after their father who really enjoyed watching them perform. However, they got their musical talent from their mother, Frances. They entertained audiences mostly west of the Mississippi river. The group traveled the Pacific Northwest and from California to Kansas, including Reno, NV, to western Canada. After several studio sessions, they released a single, recorded 2 albums and had a TV special on KHQ-6, a local station here in Spokane.

"We would start off in tuxedos doing top-40 dinner music and say that these other bands were coming up. Then we would change costumes during the break and come back as The Wayward Three, a folk trio, for some foot-stomping and hand-clapping tunes.

Then we would become Johnny Spangle and the Spangledeers, a country western spoof. I was the legendary Johnny and my brothers as Red and Barney would horse around behind me.

To end the evening we changed into The Mellowtones playing rock-n-roll from the fifties and sixties. Duke Diamond and the Chryslers showed up for the last 20 minutes as "greaser" characters. We had a lot of fun but being on the road can be exhausting."

Mr. Draggoo researched, designed and built two recording studios in homes he has lived in. He has engineered and recorded several local Christian artists and groups who wanted to make demo tapes. He played trombone, bass, acoustic or electric guitar, synthesizers or other keyboards as needed to complete the tracks.

The studios used a TASCAM 8 channel recorder and various mixers, a Crown stereo mastering recorder and numerous other pieces of equipment by AKG, Shure, Crown, Altec-Lansing, Klipsch and TEAC. He also designed and built headphone amplifiers, remote switches and patch bays from various electronic parts using schematic diagrams.



Mr. Draggoo wrote several songs while with the Eli Victor Show and one recording got regional air play. He has also written some praise and worship songs which have been sung in local churches.

"I enjoy the challenge of putting lyrics to music and have the song tell a story in rhyme and rhythm."


Dancing and Other Fun

As a fan of a variety of music, he has recently taken up swing, salsa and ballrom dancing. He is currently learning waltz, foxtrot, nightclub two-step, rumba, salsa, cha cha, samba, tango, east coast swing and west coast swing.

"I enjoy the social aspect, the exercise and keeping my mind active learning the steps and how to properly lead."

He is currently working on several musical endeavors. Sometimes he has fun playing blues, folk, or classic rock just for his own joy.


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